Breaking down language barriers

We strive to eliminate language barriers, enabling communication between diverse individuals worldwide.

Boosting global communication

Our platform promotes conversations across borders, fostering a global community.

Embracing Diversity

We understand diverse perspectives and embrace our appreciation of our global community.

Promoting world peace

We believe mutual understanding and effective communication can lead us toward a more peaceful world.


AI BBS is an online message board service that allows people to exchange comments and communicate with people worldwide via automatic translation, breaking down language barriers.

Our Philosophy

AI BBS is operated under the belief that people worldwide can communicate and understand each other's values by overcoming language barriers, bringing us closer to world peace. Use AI BBS to learn new perspectives from AI and people worldwide.

Values We Abide By

Enjoy and achieve 'three-way satisfaction'

We stand by the Japanese principle of Sanpo-Yoshi, which directly translates as three-way satisfaction - good for seller, buyer, and society. What benefits a seller should also benefit the buyer and society as a whole in a good business. We emphasize enjoyment in addition to Sanpo-Yoshi, which makes our approach unique.

Place pleasure and engagement above profit

Rather than focusing solely on the bottom line, We choose joy and engagement. We understand that Business transactions aren't just about who gains more but should also be evaluated based on how much enjoyment they bring. By promoting the idea that business should not just be about profit but also about fulfillment and enjoyment, we aim to inspire a more well-rounded and satisfying approach to work.

Developing unique and flexible relationships

Rather than confining ourselves to rigid boundaries, We take a more flexible and inclusive approach to building relationships. Our approach is to develop creative and flexible relationships that can be adapted to changing circumstances. We foster a sense of identity that is not just about standing out but also about expressing what makes us unique.

Integrating flexibility and harmony into business

We don't treat business like a battlefield. We think of it more as a platform for collaboration, where harmony and cooperation should take precedence over competition. Creating growth and innovation is made possible by allowing a healthy degree of flexibility in our business practices. Furthermore, we promote a work culture that acknowledges both competition and cooperation.

Challenge conventions and foster initiative

We advocate breaking from conventional wisdom when necessary. As a team, we encourage challenging common practices and norms and exploring new ideas outside the box. Letting go of unnecessary constraints is the key to innovation and evolution. 'Work' and 'life' should not be rigidly separated since both enrich each other. Furthermore, we encourage taking initiative: trying out new ideas, learning from them, and adjusting them accordingly.